Purpose was founded in 2013 by Richard de Laat, founder of Xiber Technologies GmbHThis a site where we want to develop a focused and pragmatic perspective on Organizational Change Management. What you can expect:

Articles on OCM

In our blog we will post articles on Organizational Change Management. Curated from the best sources, a resource to use in your daily work.

Experience Accounts

Accounts from experiences from member, about what worked well and what did not work so well, so you are prepared on your next assignment.

Training Modules

When you become a member, you get access to basic OCM modules about tools and techniques in OCM. When you join one of OCME's advanced, paid membership levels, you enjoy access to more in-depth modules.


Richard de Laat

Richard de Laat

Organizational Change Management Expert

Works on exiting projects that matter, stimulate growth, change for the better. Works energetic, creative,
with humor. Keeps balance for sustainable solutions. Is patient for the right reasons, challenges things
that hold back creativity and growth. Will look for fit: The right people in the right place at the right time.
Believes delivery to the Client needs is key, taking a systems' approach for sustainability, with fitting use
of information technology.
Believes in human excellence, and accepting the person - behavior can be changed, learning and
change are part of the human condition all the time. Changing with people is the secret.
Believes that ROI is key to any project. Somewhere, sometime, someplace value must be created for
someone, something.

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